2018         Ectoplasm Selfies // Interview with Elisabeth Krohn // Sabat Magazine

The Dialectic Nature of Shrines @ Dorchester Art Project // by Olivia Deng // Boston Art Review

                 Meet Maria Molteni // Artist feature in Boston Voyager

                 Maria Molteni Brings Art, Feminism and a Witch to the Basketball Court with Her New Salem Mural // by Greg Cook // Wonderland

                 Stitch at New Art: Creating Conversation // by Brian Goslow // Artscope 


2017         Best of 2017: Our Top 20 Exhibitions from Across the US // Hyperallergic

                Hard in the Paint: an Interview with Maria Molteni // by Megan Gregory // Big Red & Shiny

                Boston Basketball Court Gets a Stunning Rainbow Makeover // by Annie Armstrong // VICE Creators

                Inclusive Sports & Recreational Facilities // by Matija //

                Able Baker's "Selvedge" Sees Painting Through a Totally Different Grain // by Nick Schroeder // The Portland Phoenix

                On Our Radar: Maria Molteni, Zoom feature by Andrew Ranallo // American Craft Magazine (in print & online)

                With Basketball Court Mural and Handmade Nets, Boston Artist Unites Art and Sports by Greg Cook // WBUR The Artery

                Best Boston Public Art Projects of 2016 by Greg Cook // WBUR's The Artery


2016      Ten Artists Selected for Boston Artist in Residence Program published by the Mayor's Office // City of

              Revolving Spectrum: The Art of Spiritual Cohabitation // Essay included in 2nd Issue of Binder Magazine // Super Hit Press, Galveston, TX

              Emergency Index Vol 5 printed performance art catalogue // Ugly Duckling Press, Brooklyn, NY

              Two Residents Selected for Boston AIR Program by David Ertischek // Jamaica Plane News

              Playing for Justice: Contesting/Contexting Sport  by Andrea Alessi // ARTSLANT, Berlin

              Review: Developing Ideas by Cate McQuaid // Boston Globe

              Local Students Get Their Own Exhibit at the MFA by Dialynn Dwyer //

              Maker Faires in the Nation's Capital by John Anderson // International Sculpture Center

              Review + Interview: Art and Athletics Meet at the Clubhouse by Emily Cassel // Somerville Scout

              Review: Clubhouse, Somerville & Basketball Court Mural // Boston Globe

              Review: L'oeuf et L'oeil (The Egg and the Eye) by Cate Mcquaid //  Boston Globe


2015      Interview: Maria Molteni + Grin by Lindsay Stapleton and Corey Oberlander

              Review: Woander at Grin Providence by Sandra Erbacher // Big Red and Shiny

              Our Guide: Giant Art Festival on Boston Harbor Islands Opens This Weekend by Greg Cook // WBUR ARTERY

              Pop-up Art Exhibits at Montserrat Galleries by Will Broaddus // The Salem News

              NCAA Net Works by AyoSwim // New Image Art Gallery


2014       01.02My Hood  // Cognitive Liberation Magazine

               Activism, Social Science, Art by Cate Mcquaid // Boston Globe

               Public Art Fosters Local Culture, Strengthens Communities // Cultivating Culture

              10 People Who Use Crafting for Activism by Alanna Okun // Buzzfeed

              Artist Spotlight- Maria Molteni and the NCAA // Assets for Artists

              We Are Responsible for Our Dreams by Maggie Cavallo // Big Red & Shiny

              For Craftivists, Hoops Spring Eternal by Robert Moeller // Hyperallergic

              Craftivism: The Art of Craft and Activism by Betsy Greer // Arsenal Pulp Press

              New Craft Artists in Action Fosters More Close-Knit Communities // Cultivating Culture 


2013        Common Hoops // Interview: Maria Molteni, Founder of New Craft Artists in Action and Knitting Nets for Neighborhood Hoops 

                 ARTnews // Art Lovers' Crowd-funding Gift Guide 

                 Beautiful/Decay // Four Artists Redefine Fiber Art 

                 The New Green Art Machine - Esprit Magazine:

                 Crowd Sourced Culture interview by Alexis Avedisian

                 Future Boston Alliance:

                 Bee-havior: Festooning the Inflatable Beehive at BU's 808 Gallery by Liz Pelly

                 Boston Phoenix:

                 Sübsamsøn Residency Interview - Big, Red, and Shiney:

                 What's Up at Boston Area Art Galleries review by Cate McQuaid  // Boston Globe! 

                 Blacklight: Review by Alexis Avedisian // V-E-L-L-U-M

                  U SAVE / Interview with Maria Molteni -

2012      Gone Begging: Why Boston Artists Leave and How Things Could Be Different

               Phoenix Lifestyle Feature:


                Noesis: Speaking in Tongues

                Dig Boston:

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                Noesis: Boston Does Boston

                Dig Boston:

2011      An Inside Look at Occupy Boston's Last Morning in Dewey Square

               Blast Magazine:

               Contemporary And Boston, Opposites No Longer, Pictured performing Trisha Brown's Floor of the Forest at the ICA Boston

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              Signs of War: The Afghanistan War 10th Anniversary Highway Banner Project

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              How Sweet It Is: Follow the Honey

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               MFA Men's Room Turns Sudden Gallery

               Boston Globe:

              Artists Sneak Into MFA for Renegade Bathroom Exhibit


              Historical, Renegade Art Exhibition at the MFA

              New England Journal of Aesthetic Research:

              Flush With the Walls 40 Years Later

              Berkshire Fine Arts:


2010    Ma Maison Bleue: Maria Molteni by Jeanne Couture

            Équinoxe, edition: C'est Beau Escabeau, Québec City, Québec


            Things That Go Bumpkin in the Day by Michael C. Walsh

            The Boston Phoenix, Lifestyles Feature