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BORN 1983 Nashville, Tennessee // LIVES Boston, Massachusetts

OTHER SITES: New Craft Artists in Action: + Festooning the Inflatable Beehive:


'The work of Maria Molteni is made possible through simultaneous devotions: from beekeeping to the Shakers, basketball to punk she cultivates her own complex approach to research and practice through an intuitive sense of spatial and psychic purpose. Self-described as a “neo(n)catholic‚” there is an almost religious aspect to her methodology, a part-formalist, part-social interventionist approach that is channeled through a humble resourcefulness and keen awareness of the current conditions that request for a dialogue to occur at all. From her giant iridescent inflatables to her crocheted basketball nets hung on abandoned hoops, her multi-faceted projects result in objects that are never static and instead serve as catalysts for new models of engagement.' -- Shalini Patel

Maria Molteni is a Nashville-to-Boston-based multimedia & performing artist, educator & organizer. Having studied Painting and Printmaking at Boston University, her practice sprung from formalist roots, and has grown to incorporate research, social engagement, and transdisciplinary experimentation. She playfully asks audiences to imagine her serving Black Mountain College as their PE coach... From fiber to found-object sculpture, textile to movement, performance to publication, she employs processes per their ability to manifest elaborate conceptual orchestration and formal satisfaction. Exploring iterations of sport, craft, feminism, spiritualism, animism, utopia, glossolalia and urban planning, she takes interest in standardized shapes and systems that influence our experience of spirituality through everyday functionality. Embellishing psychic energy in her environments, she seeks to expose unseen presences or predicaments, both cosmic and practical. Whether trapping such forces in wind-powered inflatables or posing a basketball net as a hoop’s phantom limb, she enjoys problem solving via traditional methods of craft- the tactile and tactical. Her works introduce original or absurdist processes as applied aesthetic solutions. In 2010 She launched the international collective New Craft Artists in Action. She co-founded the participatory project Festooning the Inflatable Beehive after working with beekeepers from across the country, including Treatment Free Apiculturalists Golden Rule.

Since living on the East Coast and traveling to the Philippines, she has also developed a passion for the sea, its mysterious ecosystems, and island lore. She has addressed her relationship to feminist and queer identities via Mermaids, Anglerfish, Moon Jellies and other nautical “species” in collaborative performances such as They Were Sunbeams..., Aurelian Baptism and There Are Plenty of Single Ladies in the Sea. She currently lives and works on the Boston Harbor in Midway Artist Studios and enjoys her membership of the Boston Rowing Center on her neighborhood's Fort Point Channel.




2009   Norfolk County School of Agriculture: Beekeepers Association

2006   BFA, Boston University College of Fine Arts: Painting, Printmaking     

2005   Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice, Italy: Print & Bookmaking



2010 - Present Founder & Team Captain: New Craft Artists in Action // MOLTENi Net Works, International

2011 - Present Board Member: Voces De Cambio women’s after school program, Xela, Guatemala

2015 - Present Boston LGBTIAQ Artist Alliance (BLAA) Member, Boston, MA

2015 - Present Member, Boston Rowing Center

2016 - Present Member, Common Field

2016 - 2019 Designer + Artist: Design Studio for Social Intervention

2014 - 2017 Outreach Chair: The Arts Group at Midway Artist Studios, Boston, MA

2012 - 2016 Collaborator: Office of Culture and Design, Manila, Philippines

2011 - 2012 Co-conspirator: CASA, Creative Action and Subversive Arts Working Group, Occupy Boston

2010 - 2012 Dancer: Danza Organica Ensemble, directed by Marsha Parilla, Boston, MA



2019 Platteforum Fellowship Artist in Residence, Denver, CO

2018     Facebook Artist in Residence, Cambridge, MA

Visiting designer/Artist in Residence w/ Design Studio for Social Intervention, Social Emergency Response Center

Round 48: Beyond Social Practice, curated by Ryan Dennis

Project Rowhouses, Houston, TX

Visiting Artist + Keynote speaker at Fall Student Conference

Haystack Mountain School of Craft, Deer Isle, ME


             John Michael Kohler Arts Center Visiting Artist, Sheboygan, WI


             Fukk Residency for Kosmologym Exhibition collaborator

             Den Frei Udstillingsbygning, Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen, Denmark


              Festooning: Enter the Beehive, Art Truck 1 year Teaching Artist Residency

            Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, SLC, Utah


2017      Goodman Banks Visiting Artist Residency

              Kingswood Oxford Highschool, West Hartford, CT


              Guest Artist/Collaborator, invitation by Queer Sport, Split, Croatia

               Craft City kick off with New Craft Artists in Action

               Center for Craft, Creativity and Design, Asheville, NC


              Artist Fellowship

              Vermont Studio Center, VT


2016      Boston AIR- through August 2017

              Artist in Residence for the City of Boston and BCYF Neighborhood Organizations


             Southern Constellations Fellowship, Elsewhere, Greensboro, NC

Making in the Arts hosted by Congressional Maker Caucus, Fractured Atlas invites NCAA to Capitol Hill

Rayburn House Office Building, Washington DC


2015  Community Artist Project Teaching Artist in Residence, September 2015-May 2016

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

2014 NCAA art therapy/teaching artist residency w/ young adults from Cushing House

Medicine Wheel, South Boston, MA


2012    Zamboanga HACE! 

            Arts and Activism for students of Western Mindanao State University

            In collaboration with Institute for Infinitely Small Things (MA) and Office of Culture and Design (Manila)

            Zamboanga City, Philippines


            Sübsamsøn Artist in Residence

            March-August 2012, Boston, MA


2010    Berwick Research Institute's Bumpkin Island Art Encampment

            July, Boston Harbor Islands, MA


            MoMA PS1 Process Room Studio Residency

Invited by A.L. Steiner, Greater New York exhibitor

            July, Long Island City, NY


            Mildred's Lane Fellowship with J. Morgan Puett and Mark Dion

             Session: Pondhouse, Springhouse, Land, and Bee, June, Beach Lake, PA


2019 Anderson Ranch scholarship recipient - From Bauhaus to Our House (woodworking intensive)

Mass Cultural Council Installation/Sculpture/New Genres Finalist - $1,000

2017   Painting Fellowship Recipient, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT      

United States Artists Fellowship/Grant Nominee   

Brother Thomas Fellowship/Grant Nominee

2016   City of Boston Artist in Residence, Boston, MA

Common Field Convening Scholarship Recipient

           St. Botolf Award Nominee, Boston, MA

           Southern Constellations Fellowship Recipient, Elsewhere, Greensboro, NC

           Assets for Artists Grantee


2014    James and Audrey Foster Prize Nominee, ICA Boston, MA

            Public Artist Residency Nominee, Boston Center for the Arts, MA


2012    James and Audrey Foster Prize nominee, ICA Boston, MA

            Public Artist Residency Nominee, Boston Center for the Arts, MA


2011   Awesome Foundation February Grant Recipient



2019 AB EXorcism! Applied Action Painting & Inverted Arenas, Platteforum, Denver, CO

2018 Triple Threat, BB&N School, Cambridge, MA

2017     NCAA Presents... Sidelines: Soft Power in the Margins

             Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX


2016     Second Hands Community Artist Project Final Exhibition

            Linde Family Wing, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


           L'oeuf et L'oeil (The Egg and The Eye) curated by John Robert Roy

           How's Howard?  Boston, MA        


2015    NCAA Presents: Field Days - Curated by Pam Campanaro

            A New Craft Artists in Action collective exhibition

            Montserrat Galleries, Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA


2014   The Immortals, site-specific window installation

           Space Gallery, Portland, ME


           Hoops, from Swoopes- Summitt: Historical Figures in Professional Women's Basketball

           A New Craft Artists in Action collective exhibition accompanying Craft and Modernity: Professional Women Artists in Boston (1890-1920)

           Boston University Art Gallery Annex, Boston, MA


            Standard Variation

            Lincoln Arts Project, Waltham, MA



            MEME Gallery, Cambridge, MA


2010    Inhabit < > Outsource

           Gallery 263, Cambridgeport, MA



            Hallway Gallery, Jamaica Plain, MA



2019 Round 48: Beyond Social Practice, curated by Ryan Dennis

Project Rowhouses, Houston, TX

2018     Sun Worship & Solar Machines- curated by Kari Adelaide and Max Razdow

             FPAC Gallery @ The Envoy Hotel, Boston, MA 


             Making Change: The Art of Craft and Activism- curated by Betsy Greer

             Museum of Design, Atlanta,GA



             Dorchester Art Project, Boston, MA



            New Art Center, Newton, MA


            Making Art / Making Community

            Vicki Myhren Gallery, Denver University, Colorado


2017    Medium

             Zuckerman Museum of Art, Kennesaw Georgia


             Year of the Woman: Now + There curated exhibition

              Beehive, Boston, MA


              Diamonds, Rings, Courts, and Fields: Sport is More Than a Game

              Dr. M.T. Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery, St. John's University, Jamaica NY


            Stand Up! Curated by Silvi Naci

             Gallery Kayafas, Boston, MA



             Able Baker Gallery, Portland, ME



            Arnheim Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston MA 


2016     RE//Woven

             Montserrat College of Art and Design, Boston, MA



             The Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, MA


            Northampton Print and Book Fair + Pre-party film screening

            Northampton, MA


             Changing Allston

             Harvard University, Cambridge, MA


            Contesting/Contexting Sport: To Reclaim the Field with Art and Activism

            NGBK Gallery, Berlin, Germany


CounterCraft: The Rise of the Indie Craft Movement - Curated by Faythe Levine

            Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA


           Re: Development

            Group show curated by Maggie Cavallo for the Fort Point Artists Community (FPAC)

 Atlantic Wharf Gallery, Boston, MA


            Whir curated by Robert Moeller

 Gallery Kayafas, Boston, MA


Making in the Arts hosted by Congressional Maker Caucus

Fractured Atlas invites New Craft Artists in Action to Capitol Hill

Rayburn House Office Building, Washington DC


             Yard Sale curated by Jack Schneider

             Carroll and Sons, Boston, MA


Hothouse Clubhouse - Curated by Ethan Kiermaier

            University of Massachusetts, Amherst Student Union Art Gallery


2015    Eyes as Sieves

            Global Committee, Brooklyn, NY


Space Suits- Curated by Anais Duplan

            Distillery Gallery, Boston, MA



            GRIN, Providence, RI


           Oops, You Missed it - Curated by Robert Moeller

            Mills Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA


            Flag Day Flag Show

            Club Roar, Nashville, TN


2014    Play 

            Helen Day Art Center, Stowe, VT



Boston University Alumni Exhibit @ 808 Gallery // Boston, MA

October 24- December 14



           13 Forest Gallery, Arlington, MA


           NY Art Book Fair Zine Tent

           MoMA PS1, Long Island City, NY


            Friend of a Friend

            Calico Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


            Art Park

            Pop Up Gallery, Soho, NYC


             Living As Form, Creative Time's traveling exhibition

             Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA


2013    Scraps 

             Distillery Gallery, South Boston, MA


             GAME ON // NCAA/MOLTENi Net Works

              Medicine Wheel, South Boston, MA


             Systems ECOnomies // Premiers Festooning the Inflatable Beehive 

              808 Gallery, Boston University, Boston, MA


2012    Space Mission with NCAA/MOLTENi Net Works

             119 Gallery, Lowell, MA


             Otis MFA Thesis curated by Shalini Patel and Scott Raby

             Los Angeles, CA


             Sting! VII: Boston Contemporaries

             The Beehive, Boston, MA


             Boston Does Boston V

             Proof Gallery, Distillery, South Boston, MA


2011     Art For Sport 

             curated by Carlin Wing and Amanda Perez

             Maravilla Handball Court, Los Angeles, CA


             Works Sited for The Wassaic Project Summer Festival

             Curated by Bridget Hanson & Anna Stothart (ICA Boston) and Kathleen Smith 

             Wassaic, NY


             Flush With the Walls 

             Best of Boston reenactment, curated/facilitated by Greg Cook

             Museum of Fine Arts Boston Restrooms!


2010     Draw Drawings Every Day and Hey I Know that Guy! Portrait Show

             Washington Street Art Center, Somerville, MA


             Hypo Typo, text-based works curated by Snow Project

             The Distillery Gallery, South Boston, MA


2007     The Boston Printmaker's North American Print Biennial

             808 Commonwealth Gallery, Boston, MA 

             Juror's Commendation Award


             New Art 07, Juried by Nato Thompson of MassMoca and Creative Time,                  

             Kingston Gallery, Boston's South End, MA


2006     Boston University, BFA Undergraduate Exhibition

             Boston University Art Gallery, Boston, MA


2005     Spring Student Exhibition

             Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice, Italy



2017  Ectoplasm Selfie Building Workshop with Lacey Prpić Hedtke

          The Future, Minneapolis, MN     


2016  A Visitors Guide to Reorientation on Spectacle Island Film Premier!

            FPAC Space @ Envoy Hotel, Seaport, Boston, MA


           Ectoplasm Selfie-Building Workshop in collaboration with Lacey Prpić Hedtke

           Hosted by the Boston LGBTIAQ Artists Alliance

           Part of Programming for the Queer Threads exhibition at the BCA/Mills Gallery


2015    Polychromatic Antiphony 

            In collaboration with Jessica Douche for the ICA's Bauhaus Party

            Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA


             They were sunbeams. They were perilous cliffs. They were prophets. They were cannibals.

            In collaboration with Hermione Spriggs, part of Time, Body, Space, Objects IV performance series

            Curated by Alice Vogler and Vela Phelan for the Island Arts Initiative

            Spectacle Island, Boston Harbor, MA


2014     Home, in collaboration with So Percussion

             Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA


2013    Multinatural Histories curated by Harvard Graduate School of Design's GSDnonhuman

             Harvard Museum of Natural History, Cambridge, MA


           Afterswarm at Re:Present Me performance event

           Anthony Greaney Gallery, Boston, MA


2012    I Will Come into Him and Eat With Him for Boston LGBT Artist Alliance's Momentum

             Samsøn Gallery, Boston, MA


            OPEN with Biba Bell ensemble for Dlectricity Festival

            Cathedral of St Paul, Detroit, MI


            U SAVE! 24 Hr Glossolalia 

            August programming & performance for White Walls Boston, Mobile Gallery

            Boston, MA


           Bathaus Manifestaux at Communion III

           Anthony Greaney Gallery, Boston, MA


           No Dancing in LA

           Samsøn Gallery, Boston, MA


2011  Dance/Draw, participating dancer in Trisha Brown's Floor of the Forest

            Curated by Helen Molesworth 

            Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston


            Holy Ghost // Hungry Ghost , curated by Maggie Cavallo

            with Dirk Adams, Alice Vogler, Vela Phelan, GJYD, and Jeff Huckleberry

            Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA


            Dark Moon

            Lufthansa Studios, Dorchester, MA  


2010    Ma Maison Bleue at Équinoxe Performance Art Festival

            Université Laval, Québec City, Québec 


            Movement at the Mills, performed with Danza Organica

            Boston Center for the Art's Mills Gallery, South End, Boston, MA


             A Spectacle on Bumpkin, performance and installation

             MIT's Art, Culture and Technology SOCS event: Sweat Lodge

             Fleischner Courtyard, MIT, Cambridge, MA 


             Cusp for William Pope. L's Color Isn't Matter

             Samsøn Gallery, South End, Boston


             Triple Threat  for Works in Progress

             Mobius Art Space, South End of Boston, MA


             BALROM performance piece 

             With Siri Mortensen Gossman, Taylor McVay, Allison Vanouse, Elsa Kim

             Fnord Box, Brookline, MA


2009     Breadwinners for Acteon's Wake curated by Ian Colon & Andrew Barco

             57 Delle, Mission Hill, Boston


             Reunion de L'invisibleWith Siri Mortensen Gossman and Kevin Clancy

             International Contemporary Art Symposium, Baie-Saint-Paul, Québec

             Our Lady and the Net:Triple Threat series

             October Effectus, monthly performance Salon in Boston's South End


             Boston Opera Collaborative's production of Robert Ward's The Crucible

             Interactive set design, construction, and installation

             Boston's Church of the Covenant, Boston, MA


2008     Savage/Love: a Marriage of Pop, Poetry, and Puppetry 

             Set design, construction and manipulation of interactive installation 

             Studio 105, Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA  


             Big Top Landing at Axiom’s Carnival of the Arts

             Axiom Gallery, Jamaica Plain, MA



             Reveal of mural in collaboration with Autumn Ahn

             Underground Snowboards, Boston, MA



2017      Ectoplasm Selfie Building Ritual

              The Future, Minneapolis


             Boston AIR Projects in Process Public Proposals

             Boston Public Library, Johnson Building, Raab Lecture Hall


2016       Southern Constellations public artist talks

              Elsewhere Living Museum and Residency, Greensboro, NC


            Art Unfolded: The Practice and Process of Contemporary Artists

            Lecture Series for DS4SI  @ Design Studio for Social Intervention, 1496 Washington St, Roxbury, MA


2014   Fiber: Sculpture As Tactile and Tactical, Visiting Artist Workshop

           Teen Arts Council, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston


           Gift Giving As Art, Visiting Artist Workshop

           Urbano Project, Jamaica Plain, MA


           Spirit-Finger Knitting, Visiting Artist Workshop

           Childrens Museum, Boston, MA


           The Hive, Decordova Summer Youth Programs

           Visiting Arts Instructor Sessions 1,3,4 

           Intensives: Knots, Nature, Craft / Stories, Spaces, Tools / Language, Landscape, Design

           Decordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, MA


           Craftivism and City Planning: The Tactile and Tactical Liberation of Recreation

           Visting artist/instructor for JTerm Curricular Arts Intensive

           Arts @29 Garden, Harvard University, Boston, MA


2013    Festooning Brings Us Together

            4 day workshop for Summer Artlab

            Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh


           NCAA Net Works 2 week art therapy intensive

           With at-risk youth from the Cushing House

           Medicine Wheel Productions


            Artward Bound

            Massachusetts College of Art


           Art/Science Blender

            Harvard Graduate School of Design


2012  Warm Up to Activism 

            Visiting artist workshop preceding Guerrilla Girls Symposium 

            Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA


            Shake, Waggle & Drone: Honeybee and Shaker Dancing

            Visiting artist workshop for ARTLAB: Utopia

            Mattress Factory, Pittsburg, PA


            Plastic Bag Knitting in the Round

            NCAA Net Workshop 

            Assemble / Arts + Technology, Pittsburgh, PA


            Haint BlueROY G BIV Lecture Series for Figuring Color

            Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

           Steve Lambert Addresses Occupy Boston, organized with Triple Threat

           Samsøn Gallery, Boston, MA         


           Artist Feature: Maria Molteni interview with Jordan Tynes

           Radio Context, Howard Art Projects, Boston, MA


           Binary Practices in Fiber Arts, Artist Lecture

           University of Massachusetts Boston


2011    Artist Lecture, Freshman in Studio Forum

           Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA

            MOLTENi Net Works, Artist Lecture, Fibers Department

            Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA 


            Performance of Place, Artist Lecture

            Villa Victoria Center for the Arts


            Going Toward Radio Programming

            Jordan Tyne's interviews Maria Molteni and Net Works Collaborators


2010   Bees and Beekeeping, SOCS Negative Feedback

            Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA



Google Office, Cambridge, MA (Artist in Residence Installation Commission)

Facebook Offices, Cambridge, MA (Artist in Residence Installation Commission)

MFA Boston

Helen Molesworth, Chief Curator, LA Contemporary Museum of Art

Anna Stothart, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, San Antonio Museum of Art